TiC – Timeless innovative Creativity has had some wonderful partnerships in the past, including a long partnership with the Drakenstein Association for Persons with Disabilities.

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Our Happy Clients

Previous Clients Include

  1. De Villiers Chocolate, Spice Route
  2. Hearts On Main, Barrydale
  3. Cape Town International Airport, Cape Farmstall and Gift Emporium
  4. Onguma Safari Camps
  5. Oipuka, Travel Consultant Agency
  6. Kat-Too, Langebaan
  7. The Little Fighters Cancer Trust ~ Bags of Hope
  8. Courtrai Primary School ~ Hessian Bags For “Oupa and Ouma Day”
  9. Girls High School, Paarl ~ Scrunchies from Recycled School Skirts


The group of talented folks at Drakenstein Association for Persons with Disabilities is responsible for recycling our cocoa bean bags into beautiful items for resale in our shops - beautifully coordinated to match the colours of our chocolate wrappers.


Such a privilege to work with them.


De Villiers Chocolate
Spice Route, Paarl

De Villiers Chocolate Logo

This team of incredible artisans @ the DAPD Timeless Team in Paarl (Drakenstein) keep on inspiring us with their endless possibilities for growth & making something beautiful out of nothing!


The only disability in life is a bad attitude!


Hearts-on Main

hearts on main logo

We love the bags made by Timeless @ the DAPD in Paarl to give to our Beneficiaries as part of our "Bag of Hope" project.


They are so practical and durable, and the Moms just love all the different colours as it means they can choose their favourite.


Little Fighters Cancer Trust