Recycling/Upcycling for Kids during COVID-19

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As we go into another two weeks of lockdown in South Africa some parents are starting to tear their hair out trying to keep their young children busy and stop THEM from getting depressed and unhappy because they cannot go outside or see their friends, so here are a few easy DIY recycling projects to help with that – it will be fun for you too, Parents!

Nature Suncatcher Wind Chimes

These beautiful home-made wind-chimes are easy to make and will create some beautiful hanging ornaments which you can hang in your garden, on your stoep, or even give away as presents (after lockdown).

You will Need

  • Contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker or pen
  • Rings from Mason jar lids
  • String (or hemp cord or even yarn)
  • A sturdy stick


  1. Cut a small piece of contact paper and trace the mason jar rings onto the contact paper side (not the part you peel off). Trace as many as you have rings for.
  2. Then peel the backing off the contact paper and tap onto the surface, sticky side up.
  3. Give the kids things found in nature such as flowers, leaves etc. Peel apart the flowers if they are big, and fill up those circles.
  4. Once their collages are complete, finish off the suncatcher with another piece of contact paper over the top.
  5. Press them as flat as you can, sticking the contact paper wherever you can, then cut them out along the lines you traced.
  6. Tie a knot around the rings using the string and push the suncatcher circles into the ring (tape them if you need to).
  7. Tie the strings onto a stick to make them into a wind chime to hang on your stoep.

Source: Hands on as we Grow

DIY Tyre Seats

This is a great project that the whole family can do together, and the seats are wonderful for a kids room or a reading nook.

You will Need

  • Tyres
  • Liquid Dish Soap or a Degreaser
  • Primer Paint
  • Spray Paint
  • Plywood
  • Wood Glue
  • Screwdriver & Screws
  • Thick Fabric
  • Foam


  1. Roll the tyres into the driveway and give them a good wash with a hose and bucket filled with water and dish soap.
  2. Shake water from inside the tyres and wait for them to dry 100%
  3. Paint on the primer making sure to cover everywhere and leave to dry.
  4. Spray with 2 coats of spray paint (drying in-between) – make sure to place tyres on plastic or the lawn so you don’t spray your driveway.
  5. Cut 2 circles out of a large piece of Plywood per tyre – 1 piece must fit exactly into the middle of the tire and the other piece should be about 5cm wider.
  6. Put Wood Glue between the 2 pieces, clamp them together, and use screws to attach them – make sure your screws aren’t long enough to go all the way through both pieces of wood and stick out. Leave overnight to dry.
  7. Cut 2 circles of foam to fit onto each wood top.
  8. Put the fabric over the top– and staple it to the underside.

Source: Hanging with Mrs. Hulsey

Monsters Pencil Holders 

If you have been looking for a great little recycling project for your empty shampoo/conditioner etc bottles, these monster pencil holders are the perfect one! The kids will love making them as well as using them, and you will find many other uses for them around the house as well.

You will Need

  • Empty Shampoo Bottle
  • Black And White Stickers
  • Stylus
  • Scissors
  • Universal Glue

Use double-sided tape if you want to hang it on the wall in front of the children’s table


  1. Remove the label from the shampoo bottle and draw the eyes, mouth and head of the monster using a pencil/koki.
  2. Insert a stylus above the top of the monster’s head to make an initial cut.
  3. Cut out the monster’s head with scissors
  4. Draw the arms of the monster. Draw one on each side of the the left over upper part of the bottle, then cut it.
  5. Glue the arms on the back of the monster.
  6. Press to stick well
  7. Cut adhesive paper, stickers or tape to make the eyes and mouth.
  8. Stick eyes and mouth on the monster.
  9. Use double-sided tape to stick on the wall!



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