5 Ingenious Up-cycling Ideas

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Up-cycling is becoming popular as it is a very specific form of recycling that turns waste into a material or product that is of a higher quality. You do not need to send items to a recycling centre to be broken down if you want to up-cycle. Instead, you just have to use your creativity to figure out new ways to re-purpose or fashion items.

Up-cycling has several unique benefits. If you have children, up-cycling can be a fun way to introduce them to a greener lifestyle. Children may not see the fun in separating waste into different recycling bins, but they are sure to love using their imagination to come up with ways to reuse items. Once they become interested in up-cycling, it will be easier to get them involved with other green practices.

5 Benefits of Up-cycling

Up-cycling is part of everyday life in many developing countries, as it is a way of getting something “new” from something used which is important in countries where access to finance is a problem.

Up-cycling has many other benefits, including:

  • Conserves the environment as it reduces the amount of waste that is dumped in the landfills. …
  • Conserves the limited resources. …
  • Reduces the cost of production. …
  • Supports local industries. …
  • Encourages creativity and innovation.

5 Great & Clever Up-Cycling Ideas

Most of us have plenty of used goodies around the house which we regularly sort out and either toss or give away, but next time, before you do that, get a bit creative and up-cycle some of them. Below are some great ideas for you to try…

1. Turn Adult Socks into Toddler Leggings

We all know how many leggings a toddler can go through crawling around all over the place, and they are rather expensive, but there is a wonderful way to offset this cost…. Up-cycle adult socks as toddler leggings.

Sew 4 Bub provides step-by-step sewing instructions to make these pants for your little one. It doesn’t require advanced sewing methods and the process is a lot faster than it looks. Get the instructions for Toddler Leggings.

2. Revamp Flannel Pyjamas into a Chic Scarf

Tired of wearing the same old flannel pyjamas, or the kids have outgrown theirs? Try up-cycling them into a trendy scarf.

This tutorial from Brittany Makes uses a few basic sewing techniques to give flannel pants new life. Now, instead of wearing them to bed, you can wear that flannel out on the town. Get the instructions for a Flannel Scarf.

3. Re-imagine a Baking Sheet as a Message Board

One tends to develop a special bond with your favorite baking sheet over the years, but what do you do when they’ve passed their prime?

Lindsey of Mom & Wife put together this quick tutorial for turning an old baking sheet into a cute magnet board. It is the perfect size to hang in the kitchen for displaying notes and recipes.

As a bonus, consider making some adorable DIY magnets too. Get the instructions for Baking Sheet Magnet Boards.

4. Reinvent Newspapers as Gift Bags

Old newspapers can pile up faster than we can use them, which means that they often just end up getting tossed, but what if you could up-cycle them into something useful and save money at the same time?

Katherine at Silly Simple Living came up with a great way to up-cycle old newspapers into great gift bags, which are generally rather expensive.

For a light-hearted spin on this technique use the Sunday comics! Get the instructions for Newspaper Gift Bags.

5. Remake a Man’s Shirt into a Handbag

When the men in your life start to get rid of old shirts (or more likely you get rid of them), grab some of the nicer ones for this up-cycling project!

Jembellish walks us through how to create a handbag out of a men’s shirt. What a fun way to add a feminine touch to something with a masculine edge. Get the instructions for a Men’s Shirt Handbag.

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