5 Creative Ways to Upcycle Wine Bottles

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Recycling should always be the first option when it comes to garbage disposal – there are no words to describe how much individual efforts add to the value of all life on earth and how much better the world will be if we all recycled every day.

If recycling is not an option for you, you can still make the world a little better by using all possible means to reuse old materials and upcycle to avoid purchasing more goods.

Rainbow Wine Bottle Candle Craft

This super fun brightly coloured wine bottle tutorial featured on Saved By Love Creations might be one of our very favourites.

Their tutorial shows you how to safely cut the bottles in half so they don’t stand quite so precariously tall, as well as how to paint them in a way that will last.

Colourful Wine Bottle Chandelier

If you like the above idea but are not sure if a tea light candle project is quite what you were aiming for, you may prefer a more permanent lighting solution that uses the same idea instead!

We’re completely in love with the way Modpodge Rocks created a bright chandelier out of wine bottle tops.

Adorable Wine Bottle Ghosts

This cute Halloween wine bottle craft is great for kid’s bedrooms as well as for table decorations etc.

Check out how The Painted Apron created adorable painted bottles that look like funny ghosts.

Tissue Paper Decoupage Bottle Lamps

Do you love the idea of decorating the outside of your wine bottle by hand but you’d like to get your kids in on the fun and you’re not sure they can handle detailed craft?

Modpodge Rocks shows you step by step how to make these beauties in a smooth, neat way that’s free of creases and air bubbles.

Just Add Spray Paint

Looking for a quick and easy centerpiece idea? Grab your empty wine bottles, spray-paint them, add some vinyl lettering, and you’re ready to go.

This is also a great gift idea. You can add any catchy phrase that best fits the occasion: think “eat, drink, and be married” or “cheers, salute, prost.”

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